Product solutions from idea to delivered product

Many of our customers turn to us in order to maximize profitability for new or existing products. Customers are offered innovative product solutions in combination with our manufacturing experience in order to lower total product cost. We fully integrate the following functional areas:
  • Product development and product design
    • Product development partner with plastics expertise
    • Early involvement in customer product development processes
    • Optimization of material for each product in regard to price as well as functionality.
  • Tooling and prototypes
    • Close collaboration with tooling manufacturers with extensive experience from tooling with extreme tolerances
    • Fast and accurate deliveries
  • Manufacturing and assembly
    • Customer adjusted manufacturing for a totally improved profitability to our customers
    • Our experience from manufacturing with extreme tolerances are well used also for high quality demands on larger components
    • Fast and accurate deliveries in the right time and to the right quality
    • Extensive experience of international exports, including China

Product development – consulting projects with "plastics manufacturing and development expertise"

  • Focus on innovative design
  • Product development optimized for lowest cost manufacturing and assembly.
  • Material recommendations and development.
  • Light weight constructions by exchanging heavier materials with plastics

Two or more component moulding

  • Thorough experience and manufacturing capacity

Mould inclusion of wires and metal components

  • Experiences include products for telecommunication and power industries.

SAB-Plast AB with employees would look to welcome you to try what our extensive experience, short lead times and reliability in finding the best product design and manufacturing solution can do for you. Our competence could be your competitive advantage.

Please contact us for the latest updated information about our capacity and customer references.