The Company

SAB-Plast AB is a financially stable family business with more than 60 years of experience from product development of precision components adjusted to plastic moulding manufacturing with short lead times. The company is owned and lead by Bill Baumer and Jane Heper.
  • In addition to product development and manufacturing competence, the company supplies ”plastics expertise” in close collaboration with our customers in their product development process.
  • SAB-Plast is certified according to ISO 9001:2008
  • The manufacturing processes are lean, agile and with a high degree of automation. The machinery includes 25 injection moulding machines with capacities from 15–250 ton force. The quality inspection and gauging equipment include optical measurement.

Company history and development

As one of the pioneers within the Swedish plastics industry, SAB-Plast AB was founded in Stockholm in 1945 by the late Stig Baumer. His ideas were based on applications for the military air force. The company moved from Stockholm to Alstermo in the south eastern part of Sweden during the 1970´s.

Bill Baumer and Jane Heper, both with academic records and a long history within the company, took over the responsibility for the family-owned company in 1986. A clear change of strategy towards specializing on small technically advanced components as well as highly motivated and competent personnel and flexible and lean manufacturing has made SAB-Plast´s growth during recent years possible. The company is fully self-financed.